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Manuel Antonio: Zipline and roller coaster, together at last

Manuel Antonio Adventure Park offers two innovative new ways to fly through the canopy, on a zipline/roller coaster and a Canopy Bike.

Was Recreational Ziplining Really Invented In Costa Rica? Yes, Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

The jungle canopy zipline was invented in Costa Rica by a U.S. biology student doing research, then reimagined for adventure tourism by a Canadian entrepreneur in Monteverde. And what a tangled web they wove.

Video: Monteverde ziplining is 100% aventura, 99% terror

If you get a thrill from 100% Aventura's Superman cable in Monteverde — the longest zipline in Latin America — just wait for the 45-meter drop on the terrifying Tarzan swing.

Thrills and chills in Rincón de la Vieja

After the invigorating horseback ride, the thrill of whitewater tubing, the first three ziplines and the heart-stopping drop off a bridge over a canyon...

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