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United States

European Parliament wants Snowden, NSA chief to testify on spying

Europe is furious about allegations that the U.S. government has been bugging European embassies and missions in apparent violation of a 1961 convention on diplomatic relations.

Snowden seeks asylum in Russia, meets activists at airport

Snowden, who exposed classified U.S. programs that collect telephone and Internet data, has been in Sheremetyevo airport's transit area since June 23.

¡Bienvenido, Señor Snowden!

You might want to bring along your own toilet paper.

Snowden has not yet accepted Venezuela asylum: WikiLeaks

It remains unclear how the world's most famous refugee would be able to leave the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport, where he has been marooned without valid documents since he arrived from Hong Kong on June 23.

Bolivia threatens U.S. Embassy closing after Snowden search

Bolvia's Morales, referring to the U.S.: "We don't need them, we've got other allies."

Russians laud Venezuela’s asylum offer to Snowden

Venezuela's Maduro said he was offering asylum so that the former National Security Agency contractor could live "free of imperial North American persecution."

Putin says Snowden in Moscow as Russia rejects U.S. demands

Vladimir Putin, who has disagreed with the Obama administration on its handling of the Syrian conflict and plans to develop a missile-defense shield in Europe, tried to distance himself from the case.

U.S. charges NSA leaker Snowden with espionage

Snowden was charged with espionage, theft and conversion of government property, and the U.S. sought his arrest on Friday.

Obama visits tornado-devastated city

Neighborhoods were thrashed by a tornado that, six days ago, touched down and slashed through homes, schools, a hospital and the lives of thousands.

Huge tornado levels Oklahoma City suburb in U.S., killing dozens

At least 20 children killed, state medical examiner's office said.

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