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29-year-old Tica becomes first certified disabled diver in Costa Rica

At 21, Natalia Vindas lost most of the mobility below her waist, and much of the independence that she had come to enjoy living on her own. But she didn't let a life-changing car accident keep her from becoming Costa Rica's first certified disabled diver.

Snuba comes to Costa Rica

Snuba allows divers to reach depths of 25-30 feet without certification.

Spinning sea creature sings our tune

THE BIG BLUE: U2's Bono sang opera to a group of spinner dolphins, and they sung it right back.

Diving the depths of Coiba National Park

A live-aboard cruise ship takes visitors to Coiba Island, a world-class dive site and formerly the home of a notorious penal colony, off Panama’s Pacific coast.

Caribbean Summer Means Great Diving

A Costa Rican conspiracy of Caribbean climatic conditions creates what locals call “summertime” every September and October on the Talamanca coast. While the rest of...

Underwater Movie Project Aims to Conserve Oceans

A we l l - k n own mantra among divers and naturalists is: “We conserve what we love.” With that in mind, the...

Diving Guanacaste: Big Sea Life, and Lots of It

One of Guanacaste’s distinguishing features is the Pacific Ocean, and a diverse selection of water sports in the northwestern province offers plenty of opportunity...

April Offers Excellent Diving on Both Coasts

April diving in Costa Rica usually reveals two oceans’ worth of diving. This is one of the best months to find favorable conditions on...

Just One Breath: Free-Diving Basics

Dropping down below the water with lungs full of air and swimming around is known as free diving. You’ve probably done it yourself in a...

Diving Conditions Good All Over

DIVERS in Costa Rica faced many choices over the past few weeks: Warm or cool? Heaps of fish or endless reef? Near shore or...

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