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Route 606

President Solís pledges to repair road to Monteverde by next year

The 17.5-kilometer stretch of Route 606 between Guacimal and Santa Elena, Monteverde is slated for completion in September 2018.

Expansion of road to Monteverde advances, but experts find flaws

As of this week, the gravel road to Monteverde is open for transit all day, with some exceptions for construction work.

Road to Monteverde closed starting next week

Tourists looking to save some money on a low season jaunt to Monteverde, take note. The main highway to the cloud forest national park, Route 606 between Guacimal and Santa Elena, will see road closures for six weeks starting Sept. 23, according to statement from the National Roadway Council.

New road to Monteverde bogged down by delays, red tape

Residents of Costa Rica’s most-visited tourist destination in the Tilarán Mountains have been waiting for a new road to Monteverde for 15 years. The project is underway, but will it be finished anytime soon?

Work to begin on new road to Costa Rica’s Monteverde cloud forest community

Many Monteverde business owners have been begging for a new road for decades. This week, work began on a $16 million project that will ease travel to the popular tourist destination in north-central Costa Rica.

New road to Monteverde to be ready in 2014, officials say

Construction of a badly needed new road to the popular mountainous destination could begin in November.

Monteverde residents demanding a new road slow traffic on Inter-American Highway

Traffic on the major highway slowed to a crawl, with a line of vehicles stretching some three kilometers. Protesters hope for a government response this afternoon.

Residents demand new, better road to Monteverde

Several businesses in the area have closed in recent months due to a decline in tourism.

Road to Monteverde to be paved

Government to invest $16 million to pave an access road to one of Costa Rica's most famous destinations.

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