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Rene Castro

Nephew of Environment Minister René Castro drowns in riptide in Santa Teresa

A nephew of current Environment Minister René Castro disappeared after being caught in a wave at a beach in Santa Teresa, on the Nicoya Peninsula, according to La Nación.

Costa Rica’s Environment Ministry still hopes to close public zoos, despite losing in court

The Costa Rican Environment Ministry’s plans to revamp the country’s public zoos and turn them into cage-less bioparks came to a halt last week, when an administrative court granted zoo administrators Fundazoo another 10-year management contract.

Costa Rica to spend $2 million annually in fight against cancelled gold mine project

The government of Costa Rica announced Tuesday morning that it was ready to suit up and meet Infinto Gold, Ltd. at the World Bank's International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

Turtles will be unprotected as leatherback nesting season approaches on Moín Beach

In February, endangered leatherback sea turtles will begin nesting on Moín Beach, where conservationist Jairo Mora was killed by poachers last May. Police and government officials have no plans to protect the turtles, and environmentalists are now pushing to designate the area as a national park. But even that would be too late for this year's baby turtles.

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla named Shark Guardian of the Year

Despite court orders to close private docks to foreign ships in 2006, Chinchilla's two predecessors left them open.

Court approves zoos’ injunction against Costa Rica Environment Ministry

The Environment Ministry is temporarily banned from moving forward with zoo conversions in San José.

Free the animals! Costa Rica’s cage-free wildlife ambitions extend beyond public zoos

Environment Minister René Castro wants to set all of his country's wild animals free.

Redefining Costa Rica’s zoos

Both Simón Bolívar Zoo and the Conservation Center of Santa Ana will close in May 2014 for renovations, and will reopen under new management.

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