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President Luis Guillermo Solís

Supreme Court’s Constitutional Chamber to evaluate appointment of Lutheran bishop as presidency minister

Costa Rica's Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, on Tuesday agreed to review the appointment of Melvin Jiménez Marín, a Lutheran bishop, as President Luis Guillermo Solís' presidency minister.

Dismantling Costa Rica’s lesbian and gay closet

Extreme right homophobia is often rooted in misinterpretations of biblical scripture, and attempts to base public policy on religious texts far removed from their original context is a fool’s errand under the best of circumstances.

In 1st act as president, Solís asks Cabinet members to sign a code of ethics

Luis Guillermo Solís on Thursday asked all his Cabinet members to sign a code of ethics requiring their efforts in public office to be marked by morality, transparency and open access to information for the public and the media.

Brazilian company OAS wants Costa Rica to pay $45 million for highway contract suspension

Officials said they would respond to the company on Monday.

More protests planned for Thursday over San Ramón Highway

Demonstrators will hold street protests in three different locations in the Central Valley.

Government has no funds to build road to San Ramón

Costa Rica's budget for road repairs is already allocated on other projects.

In a victory for San Ramón residents, Chinchilla annuls highway contract

Brazilian company OAS is out of a contract to renovate the San José-San Ramón Highway. But the president vows to find a new solution to a road in need of expansion.

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