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Taxi drivers to stage another demonstration against Uber

Members of the Union of Costa Rican Taxi Drivers will march Wednesday to demand that courts block the ride-hailing app Uber in Costa Rica.

Porteadores announce more street blockades across Costa Rica next week

Traffic jams and blockades likely will return to Costa Rica's roads as private chauffeurs, or porteadores, announced they will resume protests next week. Unlicensed taxi drivers, or piratas, may join the demonstrations.

Police to investigate alleged threats by private chauffeurs against traffic officers

An audio recording of a conversation calling on private chauffeurs, or porteadores, to intimidate Traffic Police officers started circulating on social media this week.

Crash victims’ relatives ask lawmakers to table bill to eliminate prison sentences for blocking roads during protests

A demonstration of private chauffeurs on July 8 prevented ambulances from reaching the scene of an accident in which a mother and her daughter died.

Chauffeurs break negotiations with government officials in ongoing permit row

“I warned them once. That means I will keep my promise,” President Solís said, referring to orders not to allow more blockades, which he issued two weeks ago.

Lawmakers to discuss eliminating prison sentences for blocking roads during protests

Lawmakers revived the bill to replace prison time with monetary fines for blocking roads the day before private chauffeurs or "porteadores" protested a new special taxi regulation by blocking public roads across the country, snarling traffic.

Costa Rica tourism entrepreneurs report millions lost to bad weather, street protests

Flooding in recent weeks and road blockades staged by porteadores on Wednesday caused losses in the tourism sector at a time when businesses expected to profit from the mid-year school vacations.

President Solís says no more road blockades

President Luis Guillermo Solís ordered roads cleared Wednesday evening of private chauffeurs staging protests. He blamed them for the difficult emergency response to a deadly accident, in which an injured child had to be transported by helicopter to the National Children's Hospital.

Protests by private chauffeurs block Costa Rica roads

Groups of private chauffeurs, or “porteadores,” maintained blockades on at least six major national routes on Wednesday morning.

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