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Costa Rica Wildlife: Meet the Ocelot

Costa Rica is home to a surprising number of spotted cats. If you know one, you probably know the jaguar, the hulking king of...

Welcome, baby ocelot: It’s Mother’s Day at Zoo Ave, too

Chila's baby is the first ocelot born in captivity here and reason for boasting. Ocelots are on the endangered species list; these small spotted cats are losing ground as their territory is given over to encroaching urban life.

PHOTOS: March Against Animal Abuse

Thousands of people gathered Sunday in San José for the 7th National March Against Animal Abuse to demand an animal welfare reform law that President Luis Guillermo Solís has long promised to prioritize.

Beaten ocelot successfully recovers from jaw surgery

Experts believe Alik, the beaten ocelot, could be released into the wild again and live a normal life in about four months, pending evaluations and retraining.

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