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U.S. DOJ finds widespread racial bias by Ferguson police force

Though the U.S. Justice Department declined to prosecute officer Darren Wilson, it issued a scathing 102-page report on Wednesday highlighting racial bias in the Ferguson police department and a system of using law enforcement to extract money from African American residents

Grand jury declines to indict Ferguson officer Darren Wilson

For more than three months, the grand jury — made up of seven men and five women, nine white and three black — heard evidence into the shooting. They met 25 times and heard from 60 witnesses.

Riot after US jury fails to indict Ferguson policeman

FERGUSON, Missouri – Violent protests and looting erupted in the U.S. town of Ferguson on Monday after a grand jury chose not to press charges against a white officer who shot dead a black teen.

Missouri violence highlights ‘militarization’ of US police

Since the death on Saturday of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, shot dead by a police officer, Ferguson has exploded into a seething morass of urban riots. But it is the police response to the unrest that has unsettled many across the United States.

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