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Teachers reject pay deal; education minister says get back to work

Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora on Wednesday evening said the government will no longer negotiate with unions until teachers return to the classrooms.

Unions members vote against deal to end teachers’ strike

Public school representatives Wednesday at noon rejected an agreement drafted ​​last night by union leaders and government officials to end the nationwide teachers' strike that started May 5.

Public teachers’ strike to continue next week

Costa Rican Educators Union President Gilberth Díaz on Friday said a nationwide teachers' strike would continue into a fourth week. Unions will evaluate future actions on Tuesday, following payment reports they are expected to receive from members on Monday.

Education minister orders intervention of ministry’s human resources department

Education Minister Sonia Mora on Thursday said officials are conducting an intervention of the ministry’s human resources department to determine the causes of a major failure in a new salary payment system that has prevented thousands of teachers from being paid, some for several months.

Education Ministry breaks its promise, fails to pay teachers, unions say

Leaders from public teachers' unions in Costa Rica on Tuesday accused the Education Ministry (MEP) of failing to live up to a promise to deliver back pay Monday night, as reported by The Tico Times yesterday. Teachers will continue striking.

Education Ministry promises to pay most teachers by Monday night

Education Ministry officials on Monday announced that payment of a backlog of public teachers’ salaries mostly would be completed by 9 p.m. tonight, hopefully resolving a tense situation that led to an ongoing nationwide teachers' strike last week.

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