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Afro-Caribbean Day in Costa Rica: Government Promises New Cruise Ship Terminal

The president also announced funding to rebuild the Black Star Line building, among other important projects for the Caribbean coast.

Limón sees 60 percent jump in cruise ships

The most recent cruise ship season at the Caribbean port of Limón officially ended Friday with a total of 107 cruise ship arrivals from October to March, a nearly 60 percent increase over the previous season, the Atlantic Port Authority's (JAPDEVA) reported.

Cruise ship season on Costa Rica’s Caribbean is off to a good start

Costa Rica's Caribbean port of Limón attracted nearly 60 cruise ships in the first few months of the season. The government hopes the port's recent designation as a boarding spot will boost the industry.

Tourists in Costa Rica now can board cruise ships in Limón

The Caribbean port of Limón became a boarding port for cruise ship tourists this week, after 20 years as a stopover on cruise routes.

Libertarian lawmaker Otto Guevara files criminal complaint against port authority officials for paying striking dockworkers

More than 1,500 dockworkers affiliated with the union SINTRAJAP went on strike for 16 days, yet the Atlantic Port Authority's (JAPDEVA) board of directors on Wednesday voted to pay them full wages for their time away from the job. In response, the Libertarian Movement Party's top lawmaker, Otto Guevara, on Thursday filed a criminal complaint alleging embezzlement against JAPDEVA’s Executive President Anne McKinley and other top officials at the agency.

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