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The heart of Fabricio Alvarado, part IV: ‘Incorruptible people’

“People say: ‘I prefer to support someone who, because of his or her principles, is very unlikely to get involved in corruption.’"

The heart of Fabricio Alvarado, part III: Evangelical growth

In the absence of government support, churches have appropriated the social functions of feeding, care, recreation and addition treatment in Limón.

The heart of Fabricio Alvarado, part II: Dashed hopes

Multidimensional poverty in Pocora affects more than half of homes, compared to 18.8 percent nationwide.

The heart of Fabricio Alvarado, part I: Pocora, Limón

No Costa Rican district voted more heavily for Fabricio Alvarado than Pocora. David Bolaños takes a closer look at the town.

Costa Rica police seize nearly 2 tons of cocaine this weekend

Costa Rica's battle with international drug traffickers continued this weekend with the Saturday seizure of 1.7 tons of cocaine during two early-morning raids near both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

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