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Gas Zeta

Costa Rica propane fracas still at stalemate

Early on Monday Gas Zeta announced it will dismiss 275 of its employees who fail to show to work. At around 5:30 p.m. company's representatives said they set a Thursday deadline for workers to resume their jobs.

Costa Rica government works to normalize propane distribution after couple’s divorce causes supply lag

The Costa Rican Oil Refinery allowed entrance of Gas Zeta's tankers into their plants on Thursday and restarted selling propane to the company, who's ownership is under dispute.

Divorce trial in U.S. causes cooking gas shortage in Costa Rica

The ensuing legal drama for ownership of Gas Zeta has left its propane customers in Costa Rica — nearly 70 percent of the country — scrambling to find cooking fuel for homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and even prisons.

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