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Foreigner caught stealing hours after being detained for threatening neighbors with machete

Police said Andersson was caught in the act of stealing items from a grocery just hours after threatening neighbors with a machete.

Messages promoting a coup d’état apparently came from Costa Rican police

Audio messages circulating on social media, apparently recorded by police officers upset about a new work schedule, propose a "golpe de Estado."

Attempted robbery goes awry when burglar gets caught in window

A would-be robber got a taste of karma this weekend in Liberia, Costa Rica when he got trapped in the window of the house he tried to steal from.

Costa Rica’s police force plans to add 1,000 officers

The passage of a new corporate tax bill, now just one vote away in the Legislative Assembly, would create job openings for 1,000 new police officers in Costa Rica, government officials announced Monday.

Two Costa Rican police officers killed in San José

Four off-duty police officers were shot and two died from gunshot wounds early Wednesday morning in San Sebastián, just south of downtown San José.

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