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Pros and cons of traveling in Costa Rica by land or air transport as a student

Vacation season is already around the corner, and it means that students will start picking up the most suitable destinations. Many young people are...

University students march in Costa Rica against budget restrictions

Thousands of students and workers from the five public universities of Costa Rica marched to Casa Presidencial on Tuesday to protest against restrictions on the use of those institutions' budgets. 

A Costa Rican student in New York dreams big: ‘micro buildings’ for a green future

Martínez hopes to replicate the model in Costa Rica someday: "In the end, it’s about coming back and making Costa Rica the best country possible.”

Costa Rican students transform pineapple waste into dishes and plates

They learned that at the local farmers market, about 500 pineapple tops, or crowns, are thrown away every weekend. There was no shortage of raw material.

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