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Costa Rica politics

Presidents discuss reforming or closing the Central American Parliament

The regional body has been severely questioned by various sectors that describe it as a refuge for corrupt politicians.

President of Costa Rica seeks to strengthen government after resignations due to private data scandal

The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, announced on Wednesday an effort to strengthen governance in response to a scandal over suspicions of breach of private information that caused several resignations in his cabinet.

Minister of the Presidency and symbol of national unity resigns

Rodolfo Piza had been a symbol of national unity under the administration of President Carlos Alvarado.

Fabricio Alvarado leaves Restauración Nacional and creates new party

Former presidential candidate Fabricio Alvarado announced his resignation from the Restauración Nacional Party (PRN) and plans to found a new party called “Nueva República” (New Republic), where – he says – they will not accept the corrupt.

Costa Rican government and unions willing to start a dialogue to end the strike

The President of Costa Rica made an official statement expressing his willingness to establish a dialogue with the unions.

Making their case in the final days

The candidates face off again as voters continue to mull over their options.

January’s here and the gloves are off: Costa Rica’s true campaign begins

The electoral “truce” is over, but it wasn’t much of a truce, for two reasons. First, before the mandatory ad-free period began over Christmas,...

A second round, Holy Sunday and the poor electoral menu

Let’s assume it's a fact that Costa Rica will vote for its next president for the first time in our history on Easter Sunday,...

How Costa Rica’s cement market became a hotbed of intrigue

Alvaro Murillo takes an in-depth look at the often confusing, frequently surprising, and still ongoing case of the so-called #cementazo, and what it means for Costa Rica.

Four presidential candidates in favor of breaking fuel monopoly

Aside from their opinions about RECOPE's monopoly, candidates agreed on most of the other economic issues discussed at the debate.

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