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Christmas bonus

National Police increase street surveillance ahead of holiday season

Police operations are part of a surveillance strategy ahead of the distribution of Christmas bonuses that will begin this week.

Labor Ministry receives 147 complaints over Christmas bonuses

A total of 147 workers this week filed Labor Ministry claims against employers over problems with Christmas bonuses, known in Costa Rica as aguinaldos. According to Costa Rica labor laws, the deadline for aguinaldo payments was Dec. 20.

Most Costa Rica workers plan to save their Christmas bonus: survey

While Christmas is the shopping season par excellence, most workers in Costa Rica say they will leave their Christmas bonus, or aguinaldo, in their bank account, according to results of a survey released by consulting firm Unimer.

With the biggest shopping days ahead, Costa Rica still lacks good e-commerce regulations

While two of the biggest shopping days – Black Friday and Christmas – are quickly approaching, Costa Rican lawmakers are working to pass legislation that improves controls and consumer protection of e-commerce transactions, an area where the country lags.

Costa Rica’s banks boost security measures ahead of holiday frenzy

The Costa Rican Banking Association (ABC) this week launched a security operation coordinated with Judicial Investigation Police agents and National Police officers, with the goal of reducing theft and fraud that usually spike beginning on Black Friday weekend. The start of Costa Rica's Christmas bonus payments, or aguinaldos, also brings an increase in crime each year.

Don’t let thieves steal your Christmas bonus!

The holiday season in Costa Rica means a spike in thefts and scams. Some of them may seem obvious, but more than a few Ticos and tourists will become victims. Here's what to avoid.

Costa Rica’s National Police beefs up security in San José

In preparation for year-end Christmas bonuses, which usually prompt a spike in robberies and assaults, police are stepping up patrols in the nation’s capital.

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