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Brazil crime

DEA agents open Rio de Janeiro office

U.S. agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration have opened an office in Rio de Janeiro, host city for next year's Olympics, to help local forces fight drug and weapons traffickers.

Murder committed in big Brazilian cities every half hour, new report finds

The most violent city in the study was Fortaleza, capital of Ceara state in the impoverished northeast, where there were 1,989 killings and a rate of 77 murders for every 100,000 people.

Latin America’s prisons in critical condition

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – Latin America's prisons are overcrowded, violent and sometimes lack even the most basic services, despite the fact that several of the region's current leaders themselves spent time behind bars.

Transport chaos, World Cup security fears hit Brazil

A bus drivers' strike unleashed transport turmoil Wednesday in São Paulo, 22 days before it hosts the opening match of the World Cup as Brazil's criminal investigation police staged a partial walkout.

In Rio, increasing lawlessness ahead of World Cup

RIO DE JANEIRO — The two boys had knives. So Carlos Guzmán handed over his wedding ring, iPhone and wallet. What really galled him was that the police said they knew where one of the boys lived, yet took no action.

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