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Air pollution

Climate talks test global resolve on warming

Negotiators from almost 200 countries will meet in Bonn Monday for climate talks tasked with reigniting momentum on tackling global warming, as Russia's invasion...

U.S. Embassy in San José joins EPA’s air quality tracking program

So far, the results look promising for San José residents.

Riteve vehicle inspection rates to go up starting July

The price of the yearly technical vehicle inspection charged by Spanish-owned company Riteve SyC will increase in July after 11 years without change.

Volcanic ash from Turrialba contributes to air pollution in metro area

Volcanologists believe Turrialba Volcano isn’t going to stop erupting any time soon and that could have long-term effects on people living downwind.

Government, car dealers agree to stop importing used cars over 14 years old

The government's initial proposal was to ban the import of used vehicles older than six years, but the used car industry bargained it up to 14 years. The Environment Ministry said the rule would help the country meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral.

San José’s air among cleanest of Latin American cities

San José's air pollution levels are above the World Health Organization recommended average, however they are still among the best in the region.

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