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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Fishackathon invites conservation-minded techies to help solve overfishing

This weekend, San José and more than 40 others cities worldwide will challenge groups of coders and scientists to find solutions to overfishing in the third Fishackathon.

The technology at the heart of the Apple-FBI debate, explained

What if the FBI could force Samsung to covertly turn on the video camera in your smart TV? Or force Google to deliver a malicious security update to your web browser which actually spied on you and transmitted your passwords and other sensitive information back to the FBI?

Costa Rica ranks just above average in 4G mobile coverage

A study on 4G LTE mobile networks ranks performance and coverage of Costa Rica's carriers just above average for the world.
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The CDC Releases New Guidance on Negative Covid-19 Testing for International Travelers

A negative test is required for all air passengers, from the ages two years and older, who are flying from Costa Rica or any...