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Pain at the pump

Costa Rica’s oil refinery wants to increase fuel prices – again

Higher fuel prices approved last Friday haven't even gone into effect yet, but that hasn't stopped the National Oil Refinery (RECOPE) from seeking a new hike of ₡9 in the per-liter prices of gasoline and diesel.

Higher gas prices expected this week

The price of a liter of Super gasoline is expected to increase by 5 percent later this week.

Gas prices to go up this week

The Public Services Regulatory Authority approved an increase in fuel prices that will rise per-liter prices of fuel in up to ₡42.

Gas prices go up again

Recent good news for drivers lasted less than a month as per-liter prices of “Super” and “Plus” gasoline on Saturday increased by ₡5. Diesel increased ₡3.

Costa Rica (still) has the most expensive gas prices in Central America

Although the Public Services Regulatory Authority last week announced a price decrease, Costa Rica still has the most expensive gas in Central America, according to the latest consumer report by the Central American Committee for Cooperation on Hydrocarbons.

Costa Ricans continue paying high gas prices but have the worst roads in Central America

The high fuel prices are due in part to Costa Rica's 29 percent gas tax, which goes directly to the National Roadway Council (CONAVI) for roadwork, but the tax revenue hasn't been able to improve the country's roads.
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