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Expansion of monoculture farming could mean extinction for some tropical birds

According to a new study published in the magazine Science Friday, forest-dwelling birds in Costa Rica, like the Trogon or Resplendent Quetzal, are especially struggling to adapt to areas converted into intense monocultures, like sugarcane or pineapple plantations.

Geek out on nature at Costa Rica’s new online biodiversity portal

Biologists estimate that at least four percent of the world's plant and animal species live in Costa Rica. Now, information on all of those species is available to anyone at the Costa Rica National Museum's online national biodiversity portal, Ecobiosis.
Costa Rica Travel Insurance
Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Gisele Bündchen: Finding Peace in Costa Rica

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen recently spoke to CBS’ correspondent Lee Cowan, whom she invited to her home in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. During the interview, Bündchen...

Starlink Cleared for Costa Rica Launch, Bridging Digital Divide

Starlink, the groundbreaking satellite Internet service birthed by tech expert Elon Musk, has been greenlit to operate in Costa Rica by the Superintendence of...

Costa Rica’s Sloths Take Center Stage on “60 Minutes”

This Sunday, CBS's legendary news magazine "60 Minutes" launches its remarkable 56th season at 7:30 p.m. ET with a special focus on the lush...

Costa Rica Declares National State of Emergency Over Migrant Surge

The government of Costa Rica announced a state of national emergency on Tuesday in response to the dramatically increasing number of migrants crossing its...