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Alberto Font


Puppets Tell Costa Rica Afro-Caribbean Folk Tales

MOSEYING, dancing, trick-playing,flopping and curling up for story time fromriveted joints, 20 computer-designed, flat marionettes cavort in front of mosaic, stylized Caribbean backdrops recounting...

Southern Gem: Aguila de Osa Takes Luxury Ecotourism to a New Level

and tender, with a slight tang that complemented the meat’s naturalflavor.I enjoyed a light apple pie for dessert, and red and white winewere available...

Theft Launched Cow’s Modeling Career

The theft of a cow named María del Milagro and her unusual recovery fromthe back seat of an unofficial taxicabturned her into a celebrity,...

Travel Guide Highlights Rural, Community-based Ecotourism

DON’T let thetitle fool you;“The New Key toCosta Rica” isactually the country’soldest travelguide, founded in1976 by longtimeresident and eventualCosta Ricancitizen JeanWallace. Still,Beatrice Blake,Wallace’s daughter,who...

Lawmakers Await Figueres’ Arrival

MEMBERS of the Legislative Assembly this weekissued an ultimatum to former Costa Rican PresidentJosé María Figueres, currently in Switzerland where hehas resided for the...

Ex-President Figueres Implicated, 3 Former Presidents Scrutinized

Former Costa Rican President Rafael ÁngelCalderón Jr. (1990-1994) is in prison. FormerPresident Miguel Ángel Rodríguez is in housearrest (1998-2002). And former President JoséMaría Figueres...

University for Peace: A Dream Come True

The birth of the United Nations-sponsored University for Peace in Costa Rica is the product of visionaries from around the world.

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