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COP28: Costa Rica Showcases Unwavering Climate Commitment

Costa Rica stands on the brink of participating in COP28 with a trail of accomplishments from COP27, showcasing its unwavering commitment to combating climate change.

Scheduled to take place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023, under the banner “Unite. Act. Deliver,” COP28 holds the promise of advancing global efforts in decarbonization, fostering green energy solutions, and securing increased cooperation and funding for a greener and more prosperous future.

Minister Franz Tattenbach emphasized the nation’s global leadership in climate action. He outlined the ambitious goal of transforming the country’s economy and contributing on a global scale to the development of a circular, sustainable, and climate-resilient model that prioritizes the preservation of natural capital.

COP28 Agenda

Costa Rica’s delegation to COP28 is set to bring a multifaceted national agenda encompassing sustainable energy, public transportation, responsible forest and timber management, housing, adaptation financing, indigenous community support, decarbonization initiatives, agro-landscapes, the blue agenda, and climate finance. Notably, after nearly a year of negotiations, the delegation will champion regional issues such as financing, resources for losses and damages, meteorological services enhancement, and early warning systems.

Minister Tattenbach, who played a crucial role in the preparatory meetings as the president of the Forum of Ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean, facilitated visits from international delegations representing authorities from the European Union, United Arab Emirates, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

These visits provided a platform for showcasing projects undertaken in collaboration with the national energy sector, agriculture, livestock, and foreign trade under the current administration.

Showcasing Success from COP27

A standout achievement from COP27 is the successful consolidation of the Sustainable Agro Landscapes Initiative (IAPS), stemming from international acclaim and collaboration with allies like the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and especially England. Discussions are ongoing for cooperation agreements, exploring the market potential for deforestation-free products.

In the realm of energy initiatives, the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) recently endorsed $70 million in comprehensive investment plans, collaborating with the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank. These funds will support Costa Rica’s electrical system modernization, electric vehicle charging stations, and the shift from industrial combustion.

Costa Rica’s commitment to electrifying public transportation is evident in projects with the Inter-American Development Bank for electric buses in the Greater Metropolitan Area and initiatives led by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The country has seen a notable rise in electric vehicles, with nearly 705,046 in circulation as of August 2023. Juan Santamaría International Airport now offers 100% electric taxis, a project led by the Ministry of Environment and Energy with international cooperation support.

As Costa Rica prepares for COP28, these accomplishments highlight its leadership in sustainable practices and dedication to a greener global future.

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