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Cops Find Huge Cocaine Stash After Costa Rica Boat Chase

An impressive multi-agency drug bust went down this week in Costa Rica’s Caribbean waters involving our own Coast Guard, national police, and US officials. After detecting suspicious activity off the eastern coast, they pursued a vessel for hours through stormy seas, eventually capturing two tons of cocaine destined for our shores.

As described by Public Security Minister Mario Zamora, the thrilling interdiction began when aircraft spotted a boat moving irregularly 74 km offshore. Costa Rican and US forces tracked the ship’s course throughout the night amid turbulent conditions until intercepting it as it neared land.

Authorities ultimately cornered the craft in a coastal river mouth. A search uncovered a stunning payload of over 2,000 bricks of cocaine weighing approximately one kilo each. The two crew members unsuccessfully attempted to flee the scene on foot before being apprehended.

The detainees were identified as a 49-year-old Costa Rican and a 48-year-old Jamaican national. Officials continue investigating their specific ties to the loads and potential trafficking network.

This massive bust demonstrates the brave commitment of our Coast Guard and national police to disrupting the flow of illicit substances reaching our shores. Such dangerous nighttime interdictions require remarkable skill and perseverance.

Costa Rica continues facing new challenges as traffickers target our nation. Just last month, two additional tons of cocaine were seized at Moín Port. But this week’s impressive haul reflects our steadfast dedication to halting this scourge.

In 2022 alone, Costa Rican authorities stopped nearly 25 tons of cocaine from entering our communities. Ongoing operations like this prevent untold damage from drug abuse and associated violence.

As traffickers grow more cunning in their routes and tactics, we commend the cross-border teamwork with US detection capabilities that enabled this week’s victory. Costa Rica maintains an unwavering resolve to dismantle cartels and protect citizens from harm.

Our Coast Guard, national police and partners prove their valor time and again by confronting ruthless traffickers’ day and night across vast seas. We salute their service and sacrifice in this dangerous fight. With their perseverance and our citizens’ aid, we will prevail.

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