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Costa Rica’s Diario Extra Newspaper Closes After Almost Half a Century

In a surprising announcement, Grupo Extra, the owner of popular tabloid Extra, Canal Extra TV, and Radio América, revealed the closure of its operations after 45 years of serving as a prominent voice in Costa Rica.

The conglomerate expressed its regret in a statement released last Wednesday, stating that it had transmitted truthful information at a national and international level, becoming the voice of the people. However, the reason behind the closure remains undisclosed.

Through a post on the newspaper’s official Facebook page, Grupo Extra claimed to have left an indelible mark on the country’s history. They emphasized the significance of their presence in fighting for democracy, stating that Costa Rica was now losing a vital voice in the struggle. The closing message urged readers to remember that democracy relies on freedom of expression and encouraged them to continue fighting for it.

The news of Grupo Extra’s closure has elicited a response from President Rodrigo Chaves. In a video released by the Presidency, he expressed his sadness upon receiving the news.

President Chaves acknowledged the impact of losing a media outlet, emphasizing that it was a blow to freedom of the press and expression. He further highlighted the concerning trend of diminishing objective and balanced media sources in Costa Rica.

The closure of Grupo Extra serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the media industry and the importance of protecting freedom of the press.

As Costa Rica bids farewell to a longstanding journalistic institution, it is essential for society to reflect on the role of independent media in upholding democracy. The absence of voices like Grupo Extra raises concerns about the future of objective journalism and the need for continued support in preserving a thriving and diverse media landscape.

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