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Costa Rica’s Health Campaign Promoting a Vape-Free Life:

In an effort to safeguard public health, several Costa Rican institutions have joined forces to launch a campaign against vaping. Under the slogan “Enjoy life without smoking and without vaping – Yes, you can!” the campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of leading a life free from vaping and smoking.

Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, commonly known as vapes, emit aerosols containing chemical compounds like nicotine and flavorings. While some individuals may turn to vaping as a means to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, it is crucial to understand the potential harms associated with this practice.

Pulmonologist Vanessa Acosta, from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), has warned the population about the harmful effects of vaping, including conditions like EVALI, which causes lung lesions. Dr. Marny Ramos, coordinator of CCSS tobacco clinics, further emphasized that both conventional cigarettes and vapes pose severe health risks. Contrary to popular belief, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that vaping is less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes, making it advisable to refrain from their consumption.

The medical professionals expressed particular concern about the promotion and marketing of vaping, which has made it appealing to teenagers and young adults who have never smoked before. To counter this trend, the Ministry of Health has implemented a campaign to encourage smokers to seek support from health services in their quest to quit smoking.

Dr. Mary Munive, Vice President and Minister of Health, affirmed the Ministry’s commitment to enabling individuals to enjoy life without smoking or vaping. The campaign is focused on guiding those who wish to quit smoking toward the available health services. Dr. Munive also highlighted the damaging effects of tobacco smoke on the respiratory system, leading to respiratory infections such as the common cold, influenza, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

The healthcare professionals underlined the importance of choosing a life free from smoking and vaping due to their adverse effects on the body. They urged individuals seeking to quit smoking to explore alternative options, such as the tobacco clinics of CCSS and the Integral Attention Centers provided by IAFA. These resources offer specialized professional supervision and support to help smokers successfully kick the habit.

Informed decision-making plays a vital role in quitting smoking and vaping. It is essential to understand the detrimental impact these practices can have on our health. IAFA’s Integral Attention Centers, which are free of charge, are equipped to assist those who wish to quit smoking and ensure they receive the necessary guidance and support.

Costa Rica’s health campaign against vaping serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting public health and promoting smoke and vape-free lifestyles. By raising awareness about the risks associated with vaping and providing accessible alternatives for smokers, the campaign aims to empower individuals to make informed choices that prioritize their well-being.

Through collective efforts, Costa Rica strives to create a healthier society, where the adverse effects of smoking and vaping are minimized, and the benefits of a smoke-free life are embraced.

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