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2023 Art City Tour in Costa Rica – Inaugural Edition

The Art City Tour kicks off its 2023 activities with a special edition, which will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, from 5 pm to 8:30 pm, in museums and galleries in downtown San José to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, under the slogan “Por Amor a Chepe.”

On this occasion, the Ministry of Culture and Youth enabled the participation of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, the National Museum of Costa Rica, and the Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia Museum.

The Costa Rican Art Museum (MAC) and its Casa del Artista School will offer watercolor workshops at the Atlantic Railroad Station.

The public is invited to discover some iconic works of the MAC Collection and to experience the watercolor technique in this free class, available at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 pm. Prior registration is required, and an email must be sent to:

The Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture Museum, the Central Bank Museums, the National Gallery, the Penitentiary Museum, and the Cultural Center of Spain will also have several activities.

Likewise, the National Museum presents the “Páramos de Costa Rica” exhibition in the “Casas de los Comandantes,” which shows this ecosystem’s natural landscapes, unique geological formations, and vast biological history in the Central American region.

“Memorias en Piedra” will also be displayed at the National Museum. It presents large-format pre-Columbian sculptures in stone from all regions of the country, showing the creativity, skill, and perfection acquired by the indigenous ancestors.

In addition, “History of Costa Rica, centuries XIV- XXI” will guide visitors through the history of Costa Rica, starting with the first contact with Europeans to the present. It’s divided into three main thematic areas: conquest, colonial times, and recent history.

On the other hand, the Museo Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia offers “Returning to the galleries. Museum Collection.” This is a selection of works that includes artists such as José Bastidas, José Sanabria, Johannes Boekhoudt, José Miguel Páez, Ana Broennimann, Marcia Salas; ceramists Cecilia Moraimez Rivas and Sara María Boulagne; Uruguayan engravers Pedro Peralta and Florencia De Palleja.

The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design will offer the exhibitions “Tribal War,” by Leonardo Rojas Guillén, in the Pila de la Melaza; “Trans* Itinerary,” by Emma Segura Calderón, in Room 1.1; “Who breaks the piñatas?”, a group show available in Room 1; “A project of trends: 30 years of Architecture Biennials in Costa Rica”, in Room 2; and “Living Marks,” in Rooms 3 and 4.

The Art City Tour requires registration which can be done here and you can find them on Facebook and other social media outlets.

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