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Shameful: Costa Rican Soccer Players Engage in Mid-Game Physical Fight 

The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Guanacasteca Sports Association featured an embarrassing moment in Costa Rican soccer: players from Liberia and Guanacasteca lashed out at each other in the middle of the game.

From the beginning, minor fights and fouls disrupted the course of the match. Then, during the 27th minute, players from both sides exploded and began throwing punches and kicks for several minutes.

The brawl was triggered by an argument that broke after Liberia was up 1-2. Security intervened, and the players were escorted to their dressing rooms.

The game was suspended as those involved discussed whether it was appropriate to keep playing. Once the match re-started, the teams agreed to substitute all the players involved in the dispute.

Eventually, the match was resumed and ended in a tie. However, the score didn’t really matter as all eyes were set on the players’ embarrassing fight.

Guanacasteca’s General Manager, Yosimar Arias, regretted what happened in the 50th anniversary game between his club and Liberia and acknowledged that it was not the first time.

“We want to continue (playing), it’s unfortunate what happened, but these games always get heated,” Arias said.

Diego Madrigal, from Liberia, harshly and categorically criticized the violent scenes that took place during what was supposed to be a friendly soccer game.

“This is a stain on national soccer; this cannot even happen on open courts,” he affirmed.

The rivalry between the two teams from the province of Guanacaste is well known. However, there is no justification for a soccer match to be tinged with violence and aggression.

It is unfortunate that a sport as beautiful as soccer, which should be an occasion to celebrate, bond, and have fun, ends up being the scene of such shameful events as those that took place over the weekend in the province of Guanacaste. 

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