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CNN Reports a Surveillance video showing Russian forces shooting civilians

According to CNN, Russian soldiers shot two unarmed civilians as they walked away after an encounter in the borders of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. CNN managed to obtain surveillance video of what is now being investigated as a war crime by Ukrainian prosecutors.

The images show the unfortunate death of two Ukrainian civilians, who were killed in cold blood. With these actions, it could be demonstrated that Russians are violating of the rules of war, which prohibit targeting civilians.

“We have a video that shows a potential war-crime happening in real time. You’re seeing it happen on CCTV video. It shows a shocking and disturbing situation, where two men are shot in the back by two soldiers,” explained a CNN journalist.

The victims were identified: one was the owner of the vehicle dealership that was looted, whose identity remains private, as requested by his family; the other was Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats, a 68-year-old grandfather who worked as a guard there.

Yulia, the victim’s daughter, cannot bear to watch the video, but decided to save it, to show her children, so they never forget “how savage the invaders were.” “They are executioners,” she told CNN. “It’s awful because my father was a civilian, he was 68, a peaceful unarmed man.”

The video has been verified by CNN. It is compiled from a number of cameras around the property and, while it has no sound, its pictures are clear. It was a cowardly, cold-blooded killing of two unarmed men,” the newscast mentions.

In addition, it has been reported the video is from the beginning of the war, when Russians attempted pave their way into Kyiv, but were unable to do so.

A member of the Civilian Fighting Force in Ukraine, mentioned “we came there earlier and warned people to leave that place. We also hoped for the humanity of Russian soldiers, but unfortunately they have no humanity.”

The footage clearly displays Russian soldiers arrive and try to break into the businesses. “As the owner approaches with hands raised, they stop him and appear to search him for weapons. Plyats then arrives and is also frisked. There seems to be some conversation before the soldiers turn away and the two civilians begin to walk back to their guard post,” described CNN.

Afterwards, two soldiers come up and start shooting at both men; they drop to the ground and Russians walk away from the bodies of the men they have just assassinated.

“It’s a war crime for sure,” he said. “If there is any possibility to reach and catch them, I think they deserve a death penalty,” said one of the volunteers, who was dismayed.

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