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Costa Rica starts with the voluntary QR request for increased capacity

From December 1, businesses who would like to have a higher capacity will need to voluntarily opt for the vaccination verification via the QR code..

With these new measures in place, the health authorities will try to improve both the economy as well as trade and the same time try to reduce the spread of any potential outbreaks of the Coronavirus and its variants

Below is a table with the capacity limits according to the type of establishment and whether or not they request a QR code:

Type of establishmentDecember 1 to January 7
Restaurants, cafes, bars, casinos, shops, museums, gyms, spas, adventure tourism and art and dance academiesWith QR: 100% capacity Without QR: 50% capacity with distancing of 1.8 meters and social bubbles
Hotels, cabins or accommodation establishments (includes common areas)With QR: 100% capacity, 100% common areas Without QR: 100% capacity, 50% common areas with distancing of 1.8 meters and social bubbles
Sports, cultural, academic and business activitiesWith QR: 40% capacity Without QR: 20% capacity with distancing of 1.8 meters and social bubbles
Event rooms for social activitiesWith QR: 200 people Without QR: 100 people with distancing of 1.8 meters and social bubbles
Cinemas and theatresWith QR: 100% capacity Without QR: 500 people maximum capacity with star formation, distancing and social bubbles
Discos, ballrooms and nightclubsWith QR: 50% capacity Without QR: 25% capacity with distancing of 1.8 meters and social bubbles
Places of worshipWith QR: Capacity over 750 people Without QR: maximum of 750 people with distancing of 1.8 meters and social bubbles

Minors between 12 and 17 years old will not need to present a certificate until January 31, 2022.

Starting December 1, all businesses must identify with a sign or other type of visible signage which type of operation applies to them, either the option of extended capacity with QR code verification or the option of a smaller capacity without verification.

Other measures during December

During the month of December the vehicular restriction will work in the same way it worked during November:

  • Monday through Friday between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. will apply only in the ring road with usual distribution of plates.
  • Saturdays and Sundays between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. all vehicles can circulate throughout the country.
  • Monday to Sunday between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. vehicular circulation is prohibited. Only exceptions in force in recent months may do so.

Resident foreigners

In order to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently at the San Jose and Liberia airports, starting on December 1st, the verification that resident foreigners are up to date with the Costan Social Security fund, this will now be done when their immigration status is renewed.  This is the same as was done before the pandemic and is in accordance with the Executive Decree 43337-MGP-S, which will be published in the official newspaper La Gaceta

This measure applies to foreigners who have an authorized legal stay under the migratory categories of Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence, Special Categories or Non-Residents subcategory Stay.

Health Pass Tourists

The health pass for tourists, which was implemented on November 26, will stay in place. This allows tourists who have a completed vaccination card and a QR code to go to any business that has chosen to participate in the program

Teleworking extension

Having been able to work away from the office has helped to reduce the amount of infections and therefore reduce the impact on the health services and at the same time benefiting businesses as well as workers

Each month the health ministry will continue to monitor the situation and will make any changes, but only if necessary. For December, all public offices will stay with the current telecommuting parameters, with the only exception being the regional offices that concentrate on emergency care

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