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Covid-19 in Costa Rica: Cases & hospitalizations rise, deaths stable

Costa Rica registered 10,151 new Covid-19 cases during epidemiological week 31, which spanned August 1-7. This represents a 16.7% increase over the previous week and 1,450 new known infections detected per day.

With regard to deaths: During the week of July 25-31, Covid-19 accounted for 93 deaths. From August 1-7, Costa Rica added 94 deaths related to the disease. This maintains the daily average of 13 deaths.

Concerning hospitalizations: During epidemiological week 30, the average number of hospitalized patients was 821, while the average for week 31 was 846 people. This represents an increase of 2.9%. The Health Ministry says 543 people were admitted to a hospital during week 31, an 8.2% increase over the prior period.

46.8% of Covid-19-related deaths during epidemiological week 31 were registered in the age group of 65 years and over; 28.7% from 50 to 64 years; 22.3% in the age group 18 to 49 years; and 2.1% in minors from 0 to 17 years old.

Costa Rica does not specify vaccination status of Covid-19 hospitalizations or deaths.

The latest data, from Tuesday evening, indicate there are 876 people hospitalized with Covid-19 (371 in the ICU) in Costa Rica. The country has registered 5,169 deaths associated with the disease during the pandemic.

For more information, see the Health Ministry graphic below:

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