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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Slothy Saturday: Happy Mother’s Day from this momma sloth

While we here at The Tico Times usually publish sloth photos on Sundays, today we’re celebrating a day early.

Janet Sandi, Animal Care Coordinator at Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, captured these photos of a sloth mother and her baby — the perfect pictures to share on Mother’s Day!

Sloth claws are designed for trees, but that’s not all they’re used for. As National Geographic explains, sloth babies will cling to the hair of their mother’s back or stomach until they can begin crawling on branches.

Aren’t moms great?

Janet Sandi / Toucan Rescue Ranch
Janet Sandi / Toucan Rescue Ranch

Happy Mother’s Day from The Tico Times and Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Toucan Rescue Ranch Logo The Toucan Rescue Ranch specializes in helping wild animals recover so that they can be reintroduced into the wild. For more information or to donate, visit the Toucan Rescue Ranch website.

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