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WATCH: Costa Rican BMX rider Kenneth Tencio pulls off crazy tricks at Freestyle Park World Cup

Let us introduce you to Kenneth Tencio, a 22-year-old BMX rider from Costa Rica. Really, all you need to know about Tencio is that he’s doing things on a bike that no one from the country has ever done before.

But don’t take it from us. Watch with your own eyes what Tencio is capable of doing:

That trick came in the second heat of Saturday’s BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Final in Croatia, where the young rider went wild. Though he ultimately finished 12th place in the finals, Tencio’s beautiful second round showed the amazing potential that Costa Rica’s top BMX rider has.

After destroying his bike on the same run in that second round, Tencio came right back with an array of tricks. Tencio topped it all off with an impressive 360-rotation Superman seat grab (whatever that means) that had the broadcasters literally screaming. (Start the video around 50:48 minutes to see Tencio’s full ride.)

“That is something that is just unheard of,” says one of the commentators after Tencio pulled off the stunt on a bike he had to borrow from a competitor.

The Cartago-born athlete that is sponsored by Red Bull made a name for himself earlier this year when he became the first person ever documented to do a backflip over a set of stairs, which he accomplished in Los Lagos de Heredia. If you haven’t already figured it out by know, this kid is nuts.

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