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Costa Rica takes home 207 medals at 2015 Special Olympics

Costa Rica nearly doubled an all-time record at the 2015 Special Olympics in Los Angeles, California, where its athletes captured 207 medals, including 76 gold medals, at the games that concluded Sunday.

With 44 medals in weightlifting and another 37 captured in gymnastics, the Ticos reached new heights with their impressive medal grab during the week-long competition. The previous high for a Special Olympics was in 2011 when Costa Rica secured 104 medals, according to Costa Rica Special Olympics President Carlos Valverde.

The Costa Rican side concluded the games with a gold medal in handball, defeating Denmark 16-15 in a thrilling final on Saturday. In terms of team competition, the women’s football team also scored a gold medal in the 7-on-7 category with a 2-0 win over Sweden on Friday.

The Special Olympics featured 25 sports, including golf, equestrian, basketball and sailing. More than 6,500 participants from 165 countries took part in the biennial games.

Costa Rica sent 216 athletes, who medalled in every category except for women’s volleyball and men’s 7-on-7 football.

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