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Love Costa Rica? Music video celebrates country’s elections and democratic tradition

It was only a matter of time before the 2014 election earned its own music video. The 13-candidate bonanza, which resulted in an unexpected runoff last Sunday, caused ripples of excitement through Costa Rica last week, especially among younger voters, who have been vocally disenfranchised with what they consider politics as usual.

“El Día que Costa Rica Decidió Cambiar” (“The Day Costa Rica Decided to Change”) is the latest video to hit YouTube, after a notably video-studded election cycle. Produced by Oxygen Productions and featuring the music of Cocofunka, “El Día” is both a documentary of Election Day and a funk-infused tribute to Costa Rican democracy. Posted on Monday, the video had garnered about 3,800 views at the time of writing, including 97 thumbs-ups and only one thumbs-down.

The video incorporates sound bites from diverse everyday citizens, as well as quick MTV-caliber shots of the Central Valley as voting took place. Echoing the Tico electoral process, the video is remarkably upbeat.

We’ll see what they come up with for the second round of voting on April 6.

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