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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Costa Rican police seize hidden arsenal and find heliport near Nicaraguan border

Costa Rica’s border police discovered a hidden stash of rifles, a rocket launcher, pistols and an apparent heliport in the northern interior region, six kilometers from the Nicaraguan border.

Acting on an anonymous tip, the border police traveled to a mountainous area in the north of Alajuela province, according to multiple media reports. Reports differed on the precise number of arms seized, but the National Police reported 15 assault rifles – either AK-47s or M-16s – and an RPG-7 rocket launcher. Media reported over 1,000 rounds of ammunition as well as numerous barrels of fuel were on site. Police found most of the weapons in a hole dug in the mountainside and covered in plastic, accord to a report from the daily La Nación.

The police reported the weapons seemed new and in good condition. The site appeared to be makeshift camp with an area police suspected was used as a heliport.

No suspects were present at the scene, but the National Police said they are seeking five men in the area.

Allan Obando, the border security director, told La Nación that this was the largest operation by border police in years.

“It has been a hard job for the Border Police,” Obando told La Nación. “We don’t know the investigation that would come from the Prosecutor’s Office. For the moment, we will maintain an operation in the area.”

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