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President Chinchilla to promote Costa Rica in Europe

President Laura Chinchilla will tour Europe between May 20 and 31 to promote cooperation between Central America and the EU, attract investment and meet with Pope Benedict XVI.

Chinchilla is scheduled to visit France, Germany, the Vatican and Geneva, accompanied by four of her ministers: Enrique Castillo (Foreign), Anabel González (Foreign Trade), Sandra Piszk (Labor) and Gloria Abraham (Agriculture).

Communications Minister Francisco Chacón said May 17 that the main objective of the trip is to position Costa Rica as an attractive destination for investment.

Chinchilla left Costa Rica Sunday night and will arrive in France the next day to start business at the Annual Forum of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The meeting with OECD comes nearly a year after the agency removed Costa Rica from its list of “tax havens,” on which the country had appeared since 2009.


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