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Can anti-aging treatments unlock the fountain of youth?

Does anyone really want to live forever? Maybe not, but probably no one would disagree that improving quality of life would help make us all happier while we’re here.

There has been a lot of talk in Costa Rica lately about anti-aging medicines that reverse or slow the body’s natural aging processes. Actually, it’s not just folks in Costa Rica that have been talking about it. Anti-aging products and services are part of a huge, billion-dollar global industry that offers remedies, medicines, vitamins, herbal treatments, fitness programs, special diets, and even hormonal therapies to literally make us younger.

Costa Rica has its fair share of that market. The Anti Aging Institute of the Americas was the first clinic of its type here. According to the institute’s medical director, Leslie Mesen, aging occurs when hormones produced by a young body begin to decrease after the age of 21 at a rate of 10 to 20 percent per decade. Mesen says his institute can halt this process by replacing the diminished hormones. He can also fire off a list of age-related health problems that will make you want to run your aching bones to his clinic as fast as you can.

So how does one replace hormones? Through pills, creams, injections or sub-dermal implants, he says. “If the patient can afford the treatment, they will want to have it for life,” Mesen said. A longer life, might we add. For more information, see


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