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Please Pray For Nicaragua

Dear Nica Times:

Regarding the article “Church-State Relations Begin to Strain” (NT, Dec. 8). I was just in Jinotepe working at a children’s home during the La Purisima religious celebrations on Dec. 7.

Many people were afraid to celebrate or put out statues of the Virgin Mary because of increased Sandinista control as a result of the mayoral elections on Nov. 7. They were afraid that if they gave gifts to the virgin, the Sandinistas would know they had money and take it.

Also, the Sandinistas are trying to “reunite” families by putting the children from the children’s home back with their families. They believe families should solve their own problems.

But most of the children were removed in the first place because of sexual abuse. Returning them to their families would put them in immediate danger. The children are terrified of being sent home.

I go down to Nicaragua every year and work, and I couldn’t help but crying and wondering if it would be the last time I would see the children.

Nicaragua desperately needs our prayers. Please pray for Nicaragua. Thank you.

Ellen Adams




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