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Nica Postal Service Is Lost in Space

Dear Nica Times:

When I returned to Nicaragua after visiting family in the United States for Christmas break, I was delighted to find a late Christmas present from the Nicaraguan Postal Service tucked under my door: the U.S. absentee ballot that I requested back in September (and which my town clerk mailed to me back in October)!

Yes, the government of Citizen Power and direct democracy had finally gotten around to delivering my ballot and allowing me to vote in my home country’s presidential election – and just in time for Barack Obama’s inauguration!

Ah, the democratic thrill I felt last weekend  when I sat down to finally exercise my inalienable right to vote.

Maybe I’ll try to vote for Senate candidate Al Franken, just to make the Minnesota recount a little bit more confusing.

In reality, though, I’m afraid that if I mail my ballot back today, it still wouldn’t get there until the 2010 mid-term elections, or perhaps the 2012 presidential elections.

So maybe I’ll just vote for Obama, and let it count towards his reelection bid.

Anyway, this whole experience has given me the utmost confidence that the recent memorandum signed between the Russian Federal Space Agency and the Nicaraguan Postal Service to “cooperate in space research” will be nothing short of an intergalactic success.

Russia couldn’t ask for a better partner in exploring black holes – since that’s where the Nicaraguan Postal Service seems to be putting most of my mail.

Név Hamis




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