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Sports Reporter Survives ‘Shark Attack’ in Matagalpa

Police in Matagalpa are investigating a complaint filed by sports journalist Francisco Mendoza, of El Nuevo Diario, who claims he was attacked in the street by several baseball players from the Granada Tiburones, including one who was holding a gun.

The incident took place Sunday afternoon, when Mendoza arrived at the stadium before the game to find a group of players attacking a house next to the ballpark.

When Mendoza took out his camera, several of the players descended upon him, he says, and he was kicked several times by one of Granada’s star pitchers.

According to a police report filed by the Tiburones, the players were verbally assaulted by two “drunks” as the team got off the bus. Some of the players yelled back, and one of the men apparently pulled a gun, causing a commotion that ended with one of the players taking the gun away while the other players chased them into the house.

Mendoza told The Nica Times he will “suspend” his police complaint against the team if they apologize to him publicly.



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