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Cops Say Beware Of That Flower Guy

The Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) is warning people that robbers posing as flower vendors are going door-to-door in San José.

“Watch out for flowers,” states an OIJ press release.

The fraudulent flower vendors, once a homeowner opens their door, force themselves in, point guns at residents, gag them and rob them of all their valuables, the release states.

Home robbery chief Eddy Roda said there have been three recent cases of the flower scam but warns there are many other ruses as well, including fake DHL delivery men who have targeted homes in Escazú, west of San José.

“The fake flower vending is just one modus operandi,” he said. “There have been DHL, Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) scams, among others. People just have to stay on the alert, demand identification and not allow people into their homes to provide services they never requested in the first place.”

OIJ is specifically warning people to be on the lookout for suspects in a burgundy Nissan Sentra and a black Hyundai.



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