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Happy Birthday to You, Tico Times

The Tico Times, the largest English-language newspaper in Central America, marks its 52nd birthday on Sunday.

Founded in 1956 by publisher Dery Dyer’s mother, Elisabeth Dyer, the weekly newspaper has been the leading source of Costa Rican news for the English-speaking community for more than half a century.

“Throughout the years, we’ve been here, covering the people and events important to this region,” said Abby Daniell, the Tico’s general manager.

Some historical newsmakers, whom The Tico Times covered from the beginning, are still in the news today: Oscar Arias, Daniel Ortega and Robert Vesco.

The newspaper also continues to pursue ongoing issues, such as poverty, political turmoil and environmental degradation, and new issues, such as free-trade agreements, crime and building moratoriums.

And it is keeping an eye on up-and-coming political figures, such as Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno and Vice President Laura Chinchilla, who is contemplating a run for president.

As The Tico Times enters its 53rd year, it continues to grow, as does its sister paper, The Nica Times, a three-year old, eight-page publication inserted each week into the paper and distributed in Nicaragua. The Tico Times Web site,, which provides daily updates on the news, is attracting more unique visitors each year.

In addition to covering the news, The Tico Times publishes two guides to Costa Rica: Exploring Costa Rica and the Restaurant Guide to Costa Rica. Thanks for reading!



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