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Super Bowl Fever to Hit Poor Communities Here

Hundreds of T-shirts set to arrive in Nicaragua this week might lead one to believe that the New England Patriots didn’t blow their perfect season in last Sunday’s Super Bowl.
Though the Patriots lost 17-14 to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII, several hundred poor Nicaraguan kids will be winners thanks to a program to send the Patriots Super Bowl Champs T-shirts to those in need in Nicaragua.
The National Football League (NFL) is teaming up with the Christian group World Vision to distribute millions of dollars worth of the losing Super Bowl team’s licensed Reebok apparel in poor parts of Nicaragua and Romania.
Reebok prints the Super Bowl championship T-shirts of both teams to be distributed immediately after the game, but the losing team’s shirts can’t be distributed in the United States.
“World Vision helps us to ensure that no NFL apparel goes to waste,” David Krichavsky, NFL director of community relations, said in a statement. “We are pleased to find a good home for clothing by getting it to those who need it most.”
World Vision is scheduled to arrive this week in Nicaragua along with ESPN to distribute the shirts in Nahuatl, a town on the outskirts of Managua, according to World Vision spokesperson Karen Kartes.

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