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Cops Crack Down On Crime Hotspots

In San José, police raided last week what they said were known hangouts for street thugs and criminals, rounding up at least 245 people, according to a statement from the Public Security Ministry.
The sweeping raids – combined efforts by migration officers and agents from the Traffic Police and the Judicial Investigation Police – resulted in 69 arrests in the neighborhood of La Tabla de Desamparados, south of San José, 85 in San Sebastián, also south of San José, and 90 in the so-called “Tierras Dominicanas,” a sector just north of downtown along Avenida 7 near Calle 6.
Two vehicles were also impounded in the operations, according to a police press release.
In San Sebastián, officers dismantled a toll system that, according to police, crime rings had set up to extort money from anyone passing through and to deter police from entering.
The arrests come a week after a report in the daily La Nación that cited 600 known criminals were working the streets in and around the Costa Rican capital.

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