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Ortega is Confusing Democracy, Communism

Dear Nica Times:

Direct democracy is when all the people are entitled to vote on every issue or every proposal the legislative body passes. The issues would go directly to the people for an up or down vote.

Direct democracy is also when a group of people petition their government by referendum to put a particular matter on the ballot for all the people to vote on.

What President Daniel Ortega is proposing is off-the-rack party Communism, with top-down control and government handouts going through a political party system and complete with party positions of power.

If people buck the system, there’s no food, no handouts, no political standing, or worse.

In the United States, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua they have a form of representative democracy, where the people elect candidates to represent them in a body such as a legislature.

People often confuse direct democracy with representative democracy. Ortega is trying to confuse the people, between direct democracy and communism.

Daniel Gray

Escazú, Costa Rica



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