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State Institutions Crack Down On Widespread Illegal Fishing

The state institutions charged with regulating the country’s fisheries will begin to crack down on fishing violations, according to Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (INCOPESCA) executive president Carlos Villalobos.

After a meeting Monday with the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, the environmental group Marviva and the National Coast Guard, Villalobos announced intentions to streamline the prosecution process, making it easier for INCOPESCA and government institutions to investigate, and charge those found in violation of the law.

According to Villalobos, violations at sea are rampant, and getting worse. He said illegal fishing, fishing without a license, using subsidized gas or diesel for “other means” and not obeying closed seasons were the most common.

“We need integrated action that sends a signal to the small group of people that consistently violate the law,” he said.



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