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Twinning Projects Form Long-Term Relationships

Dear Nica Times:

In my work as Political/Public Affairs Officer for the British Embassy, I have seen first hand how communities across the world can build bridges of friendship through the creation of twinning projects.

During the 1980s several cities and towns in the United Kingdom twinned with cities in Nicaragua and many of these links are still active including the Leicester/Masaya link.

That project has maintained many excellent development projects in that department.

Our embassy also facilitated the twinning of San Juan del Norte (Greytown) with Littlehampton, U.K., and between San José de Bocay and Sundre, Canada.

Our embassy is interested in facilitating more of these kinds of links and I welcome contact from anyone interested in developing one with a Nicaraguan town.

Our embassy also collects books of all kinds that we donate to Nicaraguan schools.

Those interested can call (506) 258-2025 or e-mail

Bruce Callow

San José, Costa Rica



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