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Tinoco Commission Extends Investigation

The three-person commission investigating sexual harassment allegations against National Liberation Party (PLN) legislator Federico Tinoco has asked for, and received, 30 additional working days to complete their report.

Former Supreme Court justice Hugo Picado, University of Costa Rica (UCR) Medical School Dean Carmen Guerrero, and human-resources specialist María de los Angeles Aldi, named by the Legislative Assembly Directorate after Tinoco’s former aide filed a complaint against him, were originally given until yesterday – a total of 15 calendar days – to investigate the case and make recommendations to the assembly. This week, however, the commission asked the directorate for extra time, according to the daily La Nación.

Assembly president Francisco Pacheco told the daily the commission will continue to work independently and outside assembly grounds. He added he has asked Tinoco, who has been granted unpaid leave since the scandal broke, to consider returning to the assembly.

Liberation faction head Mayí Antillón, however, said she thinks her colleague should work on his defense. Tinoco has said he would consider giving up the immunity he enjoys as an assembly member, but has not yet done so.

The aide, whose identity is being withheld to protect her privacy, claims Tinoco flirted with her, kissed her and had her fired when she refused his advances (TT, Sept. 8).



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